February 8, 2018 UPDATE

I've gotten networking working now. I'd been having great difficulty
with Mach386 in getting a working setup with the supported networking
cards. The only supported cards are the Western Digital/SMC 80x3 and
3Com 3c502 and 3c503 (EtherLink II) cards, all of which are ISA-bus

Despite the documentation showing supported IRQ/PIC configurations
with IRQ 2 (actually IRQ 9 in more modern hardware) and IRQ 5, it turns
out that the source for autoconf.c has all configuration options
hardcoded to IRQ 2/9. As it turns out, the motherboards I have
will not work setting these networking cards to IRQ 2/9.

The cards would successfully transmit packets, and the on-board
LEDs would indicate receipt of a packet, but the Mach386 kernel would
never see an interrupt and thus would never be able to load the
packet from the card.

After obtaining and failing to get a number of WD8003 and WD8013
cards working, and ultimately discovering this issue, I hand-edited
the vmunix kernel file. Having located the autoconf storage for the
configurations, I changed the IRQ configuration options for these
cards to IRQ 3, booted that modified vmunix, and I have ethernet
connectivity now.

There are some additional issues I'm working out with NFS, but I expect
these to be resolved in short order.

I will be pursuing SCSI functionality very soon now as well once I
receive working Adaptec AHA1542B cards I've ordered.

Additionally, I'm well underway in writing a sysload(8) replication
program that runs on modern UNIX. This replacement will be the basis
for a utility to generate new distribution media to facilitate updating
binary systems and generating a new release with the latest binaries
I have availab.e

I'm also working on getting the reconfigurable kernel generation files
working that will allow easier device configurations (rather than using
a binary editor as I've just done for the networking card configuration).

More to come...