February 3, 2018 UPDATE

I have found my last root dump and usr tar archives from 1996 which includes the
latest updates I was able to sup(8) from Mt Xinu in 1993. I will be assembling
additional distribution additions with the updated binaries and files. Included
in these updates from Mt Xinu are working SCSI support, additional userland and
GNU utilities and the Mt Xinu MSD 2.6 rebuildable/reconfigurable kernel.

I have also located the January 21, 1991 distribution floppies. However, there
are a number of unreadable floppy sectors in various locations of this set which
renders the entire distribution useless. Since the distribution sets are
effectively sequential chunks of compress(1)'d data, the loss of a block of
data in any of the floppy sets renders that set incomplete and a working
installation from it is impossible.