Welcome to RetroSys.

This site is an accumulation of subjects, experiences and information on retro computer systems and hardware with which I have experience.

Subjects in particular include:

  • Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-11
  • IBM System 360
  • Cray Research Supercomputers
  • Varian Data/Sperry 620i and V7X Minicomputers
  • Historical Computer Magnetic Tape data preservation (9-track, QIC, 3480)
  • SMD-interface Disk Drives and emulators (on the PDP-11 system)
  • Software preservation
  • Documentation preservation
  • Morrow Designs Micro Decision minicomputer hardware and software
  • Teletype Corporation Model 33 teleprinters
  • 8-level Paper Tape storage
  • SIMH Computer Simulators
  • Historic Operating Systems
    • Cray COS
    • Cray UNICOS
    • UCB CSRG BSD Unix, both 4.3BSD and 2.11BSD
    • Hewlett-Packard MPE/IX 5.5
    • Hewlett-Packard HP2000 Time-shared BASIC
    • IBM CP-67/CMS
    • IBM OS 360
    • Mt Xinu More/BSD (4.3)
    • Mt Xinu MACH/386 (2.5/2.6 MSD)
    • Varian Data Vortex
    • VenturCom Venix-11 (For the PDP-11; Not the Venix/86 versions)